Whale Island ResortWelcome to Whale Island Resort

Two hours North of Nha Trang, the Whale Island.

Transparent water, coral and coconut trees underline the tropical exoticism, We discovered the place by cruising in the area.

To get settled was not so easy, but the paradise deserves itself and it's now our home.

But speak of you:
- Vietnam is your next destination.
- You live and work in Vietnam or in the area.
- You search for a place for rest.
- Or you want active vacations.
- You are diver or the sail is your passion.
- Nature watching is one of your hobbies.
- "Tropical" means for you: white sand beaches, transparent waters, coral reefs and coconut trees.
- You conceive vacations as relaxation and conviviality.
- You look for a quiet place after the Vietnamese cities frenzy.
- You would like to see some whales.

As many good reasons to join us on Whale Island...

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Whale Island resort : A hotel managed marine reserve by Patrik Svensson (pdf)

Whale Island Resort
Tel/Fax (+84) 58 3 840 501

2 Me Linh
Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province
Tel:+(84) 58 3 513 871
Fax +(84) 58 3 513 873
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Whale Island Resort
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